Conflict Sheets – Nutcracker 2015

Email sent to Member List 9/4/15

Welcome to Nutcracker 2015!!

This is the first of many emails you will receive during the course of the production.  With a cast of 90 – yes, 90 – effective communications will be essential, so please check your emails early and often! We appreciate in advance your assistance.

Acceptance into Ballet Chelsea’s Performance Company, either as a member or guest, is offered with the assumption that dancers and their families have made participation in Nutcracker rehearsals and events a priority.  That said, life happens and we understand that you may have some conflicts along the way.

To keep Wendi informed of absences, a rehearsal conflict sheet is attached and we request that you fill out a sheet for each known conflict (absence).

2015 Nutcracker Conflicts (download PDF)

Most rehearsals will be on Saturdays between 1:00 and 6:00 PM and most young dancers will not be called in for another 4-6 weeks from nowSunday rehearsals will be rare, except for the oldest dancers, until we get very close to production.  Nevetheless, we are asking you to fill out conflict sheets for all known absences on any Saturday or Sunday between now and production.

Conflict sheets are due by SEPTEMBER 12TH, preferably earlier. The information may also be emailed to Wendi or Pat, but a conflict sheet for the absence must also be submitted.  Absences that occur without submission of a conflict sheet will not be excused.  Conflicts submitted after September 12th will result in an excused absence only if the conflict is due to a required school event, a contagious illness or family emergency.

Blank conflict sheets are located in a red folder in Wendi’s mailbox (next to her office).  Completed conflict sheets should be placed in the green folder, also in Wendi’s mailbox.

As a reminder, the General Membership meeting will be held on Saturday, September 12th from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Please contact Wendi or me if you have questions.