Make-up and Hair Guide

Stage makeup defines facial features, prevents “washed-out” look and allows audience to read facial expressions. 

Make-Up: (best if dancers have their own, in a labeled bag)

Compact/Pressed Powder – helps minimize shine

Liquid base for young girls is optional (tends to be messy, difficult to get even)

Blush – pink, or suitable for individual skin tone

Eye shadow – matte brown, no shimmer

Eyeliner or pencil – brown or black

Mascara – brownish/black or black

Lipstick – true red (no orangey-reds) after costume is on; Angel pink for Nutcracker provided in dressing room

Pale/fine eyebrows? Recommend darkening/defining with brown eye shadow



Young dancer makeup can be done for just prior to arrival for dancer call (except lipstick) otherwise should be done in assigned dressing room.  There is not room for all to apply makeup in makeup/costume room, so we reserve room for men/boys and those unable to do their own makeup. Makeup room is also for storage and application of hairpieces, flowers, etc.

Makeup for boys will be provided at show, please come with freshly washed face, and arrive EARLY to makeup room!


If you are unable to do your child’s make-up, we can do it.  We do use fresh sponges, brushes, etc. for each dancer.

Baby wipes or make-up wipes are a good way to take off make-up before heading home.



Must be in a neat bun for young dancers (or French twist as per ordered for older principals and corps) wrapped with hairnet and secured w/bobby pins.

Hair that does not reach bun should be sprayed and secured w/bobby pins.

No wispies or fly-away hair around face or on neck.  Use ample amount of hairspray and/or gel to secure.

Party girls for Nutcracker need ringlet curls (top pulled smoothly away from face and tied with costume bow). Curling iron with setting spray or curl formers (spiral mesh curlers) work well. It is good to practice doing this before production. Hair treated with product curls MUCH better than freshly washed – recommend not washing between shows. If hair is too short for party curls, just pull top away from face and curl ends under.


NO NAIL POLISH (except clear)


If freshly pierced ears, may wear plain, small studs only.


Clothing tips:

If you have costume changes, or a white leotard, for modesty you may want to wear a flesh-colored under-over (under costume, over skin) beneath your leotard. These are available online or at dance apparel shops.


Angels – any light colored leotard (white, pink, tan) and ballet pink tights

Mice – if desired, wear over-under beneath grey leo; grey tights

Polichinelles – if desired, over-under beneath maroon leo, ballet pink tights

Party child – black leo beneath party girl dress (to avoid skin showing)