Mary Poppins – Performance

Call Time

All dancers should arrive at the auditorium a half hour before the start of their show.

Dancer Check-In

All dancers should enter the school through the dancer only entrance (click HERE for map).  Doors will be marked.  There will be a check-in station inside the door.  Please stop and let us know you have arrived.

Hair and Make-up

All dancers should arrive with hair and make-up done.  If possible, dancers should also come in costume.

Things to bring with you

  • Younger dancers should bring something to entertain them while they are in the dressing room. A blanket or something soft to sit on is also nice.
  • All the pieces to your costume! Extra tights, if you have them are also handy.
  • Everything needed to touch up hair – bobby pins, hair gel, hair nets, brush, comb.
  • A mirror, for older dancers especially – there are no mirrors in dressing rooms.
  • Non-messy snacks
  • IMPORTANT – please put your name on EVERYTHING!

Things NOT to Bring

  • Glitter – Glitter make-up and body glitter are NOT permitted as they create a safety hazard on the vinyl dance floor.
  • “Cheesy” food, like Cheetos, and sticky food are costume disasters waiting to happen – please leave them at home!!

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms will be assigned – a list (or a person) will be available at the dancer entrance door to help you with directions.  Dancers will be grouped primarily by age and teacher.

  • Orchestra Room – youngest dancers
  • Vocal Room – intermediate age dancers
  • Independence Hall – Boys
  • Dressing Room A and B – high school dancers
  • Dressing Room C – Open for bathroom and quick changes
  • Dressing Room D – Men

Bathrooms are located in dressing rooms A and B and between C and D.  All female dancers may use any of the bathrooms.  Male dancers should use the bathroom between C and D. Dancers should NOT use bathrooms located outside the backstage area.

Finale (Let’s Go Fly a Kite) Participation

The following classes will NOT participate in the finale scene:

  • Creative Ballet (Mon – 3:45 pm)
  • Pre-School Ballet (Wed – 10:15 am)
  • Pre-Ballet (Thur – 3:30 pm, Sat – 9:45 am)
  • Beginning Ballet (Mon – 4:15 pm, Wed – 4:00 pm, Sat – 10:30 am)

These dancers will be kept in their supervised dressing room until after the performance.  Parents who volunteer to stay backstage with their dancers may, if they wish, leave after their dancer’s class has performed.  If you are not a backstage parent volunteer and wish to pick your young dancer up before the end of the show, please contact Pat Kelly (  Dancers will not be released early without authorization.