Parent & Audience Information

Seeing both shows?  Need a bite?  No time?  No problem – Plan a Family Picnic!

Families with dancers in both shows are encouraged to pack a picnic lunch to eat in the cafeteria (Commons).  There will be plenty of available space to store your cooler or basket during the performances and ample table space to invite the whole family!  We hope this suggestion will relieve the stress of going out and worrying that you will not be back in time for the second show.  If you picnic at the school, please be mindful to take care of your waste…thank you!

When will the doors open?

Doors will open 30 minutes before each show.  Those with physical disabilities will be given an opportunity to be seated first.

Families attending the 1:30 pm show are asked to clear the auditorium as quickly as possible so that families attending the 4:30 pm show may be seated.  If you have tickets to both shows, be sure you are in the correct reserved seat for each show. 

Audience Etiquette

Photography and videography is not permitted during recital performances!!  This will be strictly enforced and is for the safety of the dancers as well as to promote the mutual enjoyment of the show by other audience members.  Parents CAN take photos and videos during dress rehearsals – only.

Please note it is very disturbing to those around you if you leave before the show is over.  Imagine if someone got up and walked in front of YOU when your dancer was performing.  If you MUST leave before the show is over, please leave ONLY between dances.

Show Length

Each show will be approximately 75 minutes long.  There will NOT be an intermission.


If you have questions about anything, there is probably someone very close to you that can help.  New parents are encouraged to seek out a veteran parent with last minute questions.  Veteran parents are encouraged to look for the faces with question marks and lend a helping hand.

Thanks to all for your help in making this a successful recital!!