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New at Ballet Chelsea: B in Motion fitness program from pregnancy to preschool

B in Motion Ballet Chelsea Michigan 2

Ballet Chelsea is pleased to offer a new fitness program from pregnancy through preschool! For pregnant moms, the B In Motion fitness program embraces their changing bodies and lifestyles by accommodating those changes they experience through pregnancy and the first year. Beyond the first year, the B InMotion babies and tots programs teach parents and caregivers how to incorporate their little ones into a challenging and enjoyable fitness session that they can easily practice at home.

B InMotion Programs include:

  • Moms InMotion: Prenatal Fitness & Learning Forum incorporates safe and efficient physical conditioning to maintain or enhance the expectant mother’s physical and cardiovascular stamina.
  • Moms & Babies InMotion: Post-Natal Fitness offers moms an opportunity to rehabilitate, tone and strengthen their bodies following pregnancy and childbirth along with their babies ages 6 weeks to 1 year who delight in acting as a natural resistance to the exercises.
  • Tots InMotion: Caregiver & Toddler Fitness offers caregivers a cardiovascular and muscular conditioning program that they can incorporate into their at-home fitness regimen, along with their 1-2 year old child.
  • Tots InMotion II: Caregiver & Preschooler Fitness challenges caregivers with cardiovascular and muscular conditioning in a format they can easily incorporate into their at-home fitness regimen along with their 2-4 year old preschooler.


See our B In Motion page to learn more about these program and our instructors