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New Student Information


We are delighted that you are considering joining Ballet Chelsea. Our faculty is honored to share their passion for dance with the community and their students. We look forward to welcoming you to our studio! We understand that getting started can be a challenge, but we are here to help make it as easy as possible. While there’s a lot to consider when enrolling in classes, we offer the resources below to make it as simple as possible.

Class Selection and Placement

Class selection and placement vary based on each dancer’s age and level of experience. Below is some helpful guidance broken down by program.

Ages 3-9

For dancers ages 3 – 9, class placement is typically determined by age.

  • Creative Ballet (3 & 4 years)
  • Pre-Ballet (4 & 5 years, no experience necessary)
  • Pre-Ballet & Tap Combo (4 & 5 years, no experience necessary)
  • Beginning Ballet (5 & 6 years, no experience necessary)
  • First Barre (6 & 7 years, prerequisite Beginning Ballet)
  • Beginning Ballet & Tap Combo (5 & 6 years, no experience necessary)
  • Jazz 1 (5-8 years, no experience necessary)
  • Jazz 1 & Tap 1 Combo (5-8 years, no experience necessary)
  • Tap 1 (5-8 years, no experience necessary)
  • Bop Hop (4-6 years, no experience necessary)
  • Ballet 1 (7-9 years, prerequisite full year of First Barre)

Ages 9+

For dancers ages 9 & up participating in our Ballet Training Program

New dancers with prior dance experience ages 9 and up typically need to take a placement class in order to determine the class level that’s best for them. Placement classes allow Ballet Chelsea to give the appropriate class recommendations to new students. Please see the Free Trial section below for further information.

For dancers ages 9 & up participating in contemporary styles

For new dancers with or without prior dance experience ages 9 and up interested in contemporary dance styles, placement class is typically determined by age. Leveled jazz and contemporary classes require placement.

  • Teen Jazz (12 & up)
  • Teen Tap & Jazz Combo (12 & up)
  • Hip Hip 1/2 (7-11 years, no experience necessary)


Ballet Chelsea’s Adult Dance classes are open to students ages 18 and up. All levels are welcome, and participants are encouraged to assess their own experience and comfort level for class levels.

  • Beginning Adult Ballet (18 & up, no experience necessary)
  • Advanced Beginner Adult Ballet (18 & up, previous experience recommended, but not required)
  • Conditioning

Scheduling a Free Trial Class

We aim to schedule a free trial class for potential students where they can participate in one of our existing classes. This allows potential students to experience our program's class environment, meet Ballet Chelsea faculty and students, and get a sense of our program.

To schedule a free trial class, please complete the form below, and a member of our artistic faculty will contact you to schedule a trial class that they believe will be a good match.  After completing the trial class, you will receive a follow-up email that includes level placement and a class curriculum.

Additional Support

Need additional guidance on level placement or selecting the class that’s right for you or your dancer? We’d love to help. Please complete the inquiry form below and an artistic faculty member will follow up with more specific support.

Ballet Chelsea Studio Inquiry