Ballet Chelsea Supporters

Ballet Chelsea expresses sincere appreciation to our generous sponsors, donors, and supporters! Thank you for your continued support of Ballet Chelsea programs and performances!

Grants and Foundations

5 Healthy Towns Foundation
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
DTE Energy Foundation
The Wilkinson Foundation
The Joseph C. and Esther Foster Foundation, Inc.

Corporate Donors

Chelsea Chevrolet Buick
Chelsea Grill
Chelsea State Bank
Meadowlark Design and Build
PSMI - Melange Restaurant
Surface Dynamics


Jon and Betsy Baron
Paul and Lisa Metler
Chris and Kevin Schmidt
In Memory of Loretta Skewes


Dayn and Heidi Benson
Beverly Demchuk-Burke
Wendi and Wes DuBois
J. Michael and Ann Feeney
The Hobbs Family
Joe and Pat Kelly
Lisa and Michael Kurek
Donald and Diane Locker
Ty and Debra Myers
Ronald E. Sager
Lori and Dave Walters


Kim Aiken and Tom Wilson
Ian and Sarah Cumming
Lisa Dempsey
Peter and Patti Feeney
The Hartman/Bowers Family
Tara and Kelly Jedele

The Klinkman Family
Jeffrey and Marguerite Koh
Dana McGrath
Mel and Joan Medrich
John Shea and Marilyn Warner
Sharon and Mel Stockard


Mr. and Mrs. David Bowers
Cheryl Cassidy
The Common Grille
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Dammeyer
Charles and Marilyn Dill
Scott & Lila Dolson
Tom Duff
Elliott and Bonnie Dunlop
Mary and Bob Edwards

Karen Flahie
Mary Jean & Don Grohs
The Gupta Family
Daniel Haft
Beth Hartman & Herb Ayres
Paul and Ginnie Hartman
For Meredith Hooker
The Krienke Family
Kiwanis Club of Chelsea
John and Carolyn Krienke

Joseph and Audrey Kronzer
Jennifer Kulick
Larry Ledebur and Susan Whitelaw
Ron and Marilyn Mast
Phillip Chiropractic Clinic
Jerry and Janet Rojeck
Lisa and Steve Rowe
Elaine and Martin Schauder
Shirley Wahlstrom
Jack Wiseley


Neil and Carol Aiken
Cheryl Bieber
Robert Bourdeau
Scott & Wendy Broshar
Diana L. Boyd
Julia Brown
Nancy and Todd Hillaker

Paul and Sharon Hoffman
Dr. Phyllis J. Jonas
Hugo Kapelke
Lawrence Keillor
Dr. H Ludia Kim
Sarah Maye Myers
Elizabeth and Ornan Nwansi
Matt and Anna Paprocki

Cheryl Rosentreter
Lyn Sager
John W. Steele Heating & Cooling
For Selah Strong
Derek & Sara Van Assche
Aunt Kelly & Uncle Brad Wolfe
Rebecca and Joe Wolfe

Dance Lovers

Jo Adams
Spencer and Mary Adkins
Don and Gwen Arney
Evie Bowers
Jim and Nancy Conley
Alan and Carolyn Critchfield
Etiennette Dehoorne
Bob and Mary DeYoung
Tom and Amy Superfly Duff
Joyce Emhoff
Bob and Marjorie German
Mary Hedding

Gary Hedding
Jo Ann Helms
John and Carol Hood
Don and Diane Hutchinson
Mary Jedele
Grace Keane
Richard Kulick
L. Daryl and Rita Lee
John Little
Robert Mast
Martha Mazur
Russ and Julie Meyer

Alice Pastor
Bill Ratliff
Alan and Aliza Remer
David J. Schmidt
Jackie and Matt Shane
Michelle Dehoorne Smith
Larry Stalker
The Stephenson Family
Suzanne Van Appledorn
Stacy Stimac
Jerry B. Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Yelsik